Redundant, Interoperable, Carrier Independent

Add Redundant Path

  • AccessCom's BroadbandIP WI-MAX Network provides end-to-end solution installation, maintainence and customer service all provided by AccessCom's "Top Tier" service repspresentatives.
  • No AT&T Technicians involved!!
  • Sleek, small-footprint flat panel antennae does not take away from the presentation of your business location.

Reaches Almost Any Location

  • WI-MAX's orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is not line-of-sight dependent like traditional wireless.
  • Bandwidth can be delivered up to 30 miles from the broadcast source.
  • Up to 100 Megs of deliverable bandwidth is available. (Wi-max is distance sensitive.)

Increase Bandwidth ASAP

  • AccessCom's network administration can "dial-up" your speed within minutes of recieving a bonafide change order.
  • Purchase temporary bandwidth for 60% of the monthly charge.

As Low As $40 per month

Remote hot-spot access available.

AccessCom's BroadbandIP coverage area is expanding across South Louisiana and with that expansion traditional Wi-Fi hot spots are being created which will allow our users to experience a phenomenal "available network" in many desireable areas of the state.

Check back for updates on the progress of these sites