Increase Efficiency

  • Allow each employee to have their own personal inbound fax line.
  • Receive fax as E-mail attachment.
  • Organize faxes in data files... find them in a moment and forward them to whomever and to wherever needed.
  • Forward faxes to any number for printed copy. Long distance charges may apply.

Reduce Cost

  • Stop wasting fax paper and/or ink on unimportant faxes and cover pages.
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line.
  • Eliminate the need for individual fax machines.
  • Stop replacing worn out fax machines.

Improve Security

  • All faxes are now PRIVATE... no need to "hover" over the fax machine!
  • Save every fax received by your company and backup to CD-ROM.
  • Keep time stamp logs for all transmissions.

As Low As $5 Per Month

3 year contract pricing. Month-to-month pricing available for $7.14/month. Other contract terms available. Credit card or bank draft only unless bundled with other AccessCom voice/data services.