Switch and Data Facilities

Line of Business: Switch and Data Facilities

Network Operations Center

1340 Poydras St. (3rd Floor)

Area:  11,000 Sq. ft.
Colo Space:  Private Cabinet Colo
Backup Power:  350 KW Backup Generator
Fiber Termination:  Qwest
Level 3
Southern Light
Switch Capability: Lucent Technologies 5ESS Switch:
18 STS

This facility was AccessCom's first switch acquisition.

Switch and Data Center #2

1010 Common St. (13th Floor)

Area:  7,000 Sq. ft.
Colo Space:  Caged Colo
Backup Power:  750 KW Backup Generator
Fiber Termination:  AT&T
Southern Light
Switch Capability:  Lucent Technologies 5ESS Switch:
16 STS

AccessCom's second switch acquisition is a Lucent Technologies 5ESS switch formerly owned by Eatel.

Features of Both Centers

Backup Generator

In the event of Entergy power loss, each facility is powered by its own Caterpillar diesel generator. Very large fuel reserves insure operation for several days.

BGP4 Multi-Homed Backbone

AccessCom utilizes a very sophisticated routing protocol (BGP4) that enables the most efficient use of the fastest routes of multiple Tier-I Internet backbones.

Controlled Environment

Environmental conditioning of temperature and the proper moisture level is accomplished by redundant Liebert System 3 and Challenger 3000 air conditioning and climate control units.

No Single Point of Failure

AccessCom has taken the extra precaution of separating not only the source of bandwidth, but also the point of entry. Each of the main backbones are carried by way of separate Metropolitan Fiber Loops feeding the facility through different conduits.

Uninterruptable Power

Each facility houses its own massive Lucent Technologies battery array and inverters to provide more than 300 KW hours of 48 V DC and additional, independent Liebert/Pylon and redundant synchronous APC Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) provide 100 KW of continuous, filtered AC power.


Cabinet co-location and caged co-location.


Back up generator at both facilities.


Back up batteries.


Redundant air conditioning systems keeps both facilities cool.