Voice Mail

Our Voice Mail features operate much the same way as other providers. If you are familiar with Voice Mail on your cell phone or with AT&T then you should be able to use our Voice Mail system without much difficulty. Your Voice Mail number is 10 digits long and matches your phone number.

Useful keys to know are: "*" Cancels an option or exits the current menu (At the main menu this key will disconnect your from the system). "#" is used to confirm you are finished entering numbers and also to skip the current message. "0" takes you to a help menu.

To Connect to Voice Mail
If your Voice Mail area code is 504 dial 962-MAIL (6245).
If your Voice Mail area code is 985 dial 655-MAIL (6245).

At the voice prompt, press "#".

Then dial your 10 digit phone number (the phone number of the Voice Mail box you want to check).

Then enter your password. You are now at the main menu.

Review Messages
Press "1" if you have voice mail. Press "1" again to start playback of any unheard messages.

Use these keys to control playback:

1 Rewind
2 Pause/Resume
3 Fast forward
5 Envelope
4 Slower Playback
6 Faster Playback
8 Normal Volume
9 Louder Volume

After each message, use these keys:

8 Reply
6 Forward
4 Replay
7 Erase
9 Save
* Main Menu
Change Personal Options
1 Notification on/off
2 Administrative Options
3 Greetings
4 Notification Schedule
5 Mailbox Forwarding