Hurricane Information

Please call us if you need assistance.

AccessCom is aware of the possibility that Hurricane Ike may affect Louisiana. Employees will remain on alert status to assist customers with issues related to their phone and internet service.


In the event of a hurricane striking Louisiana, key AccessCom employees will remain in the strike region to ensure service continues during the storm. If the storm turns out to be catastrophic, those employees will already be in place to restore service immediately once the storm has passed. Customers that choose to ride the storm out will not have to wait for AccessCom employees to return from evacuation before restoration of service can begin.

Power outage will most likely affect service. If you lose power in your area, phones may become unavailable. If you power your office with a generator, phone service may still be out due to other parts of the city still being unpowered. In some cases, POTS lines will still work even in a blackout. You will need a plain telephone and not a cordless phone.

If your phones and internet is not working once electricity is restored in your area, please notify AccessCom so our technicians can be aware that your service is still unavailable.

AccessCom's customer service will be available to forward your phone numbers to your cell phones. Please be aware that a large number of other customers will be asking to have their numbers forwarded also and it may take some time to process your request.

The Tech Support Number is (985) 655-2000 extension 880 or if you have any questions or comments you can also reach us by email.