Calling Features

This is a list of the common calling features for ANALOG PHONE service and how to use them. Please note that certain calling features will not work to wireless phones.

Not all features may be available to you. Please check your contract or contact AccessCom to find out what features are enabled on your phone service.

Call Forwarding
*72 to Activate
*73 to Deactivate

This feature allows you to forward your calls to any other number. To activate the service, press *72 and then dialing the number you wish to forward to.

Alternative Method
If you are not calling from the number being forwarded, you can call 985-655-2020 or 504-962-2020.
You will be prompted for:
  1. The number being forwarded
  2. Your PIN (if you do not have one please call use to set one up)
  3. The feature code, in this case, *72 to activate and *73 to deactivate forwarding
  4. The number you are forwarding to
Note: If no one answers at the other end of the line, then you must hang up and perform the Call Forwarding procedure again within 2 minutes. This second step is necessary to confirm the forwarded call and ensure that you did not dial an incorrect number.
Call Hold
"Flash" then press
*52 to Activate

Performing this function while on a call will place the call on hold. You should hear a dial tone if the call was successfully placed on hold. To return to the call, simply hang up and your phone will ring if the other caller is still on the line. You can then answer the phone and resume your call.
Call Return
*69 to Activate
*89 to Deactivate

Determines the last number that called you and attempts to call that number.
Call Tracing

Traces the number of the call you last received.

After the call has been traced, you must contact AccessCom and have an employee look up the traced caller.
Call Waiting
"Flash" to Activate

Places your existing call on hold and answers a waiting call. Activate by pressing "Flash" or quickly depressing and then releasing the off-hook switch.
Cancel Call Waiting
*70 to Activate

Temporarily cancels call waiting for the duration of your call. Dial this before a call and Call Waiting will be disabled. When your call is over and you hang up the phone, the Call Waiting feature will no longer be deactivated and return to its normal function.
Distinctive Ring
*61 to Activate
*81 to Deactivate

Provides up to 6 numbers a different ring so you can recognize these numbers as "special calls." Dial *61 and follow the voice prompts to use the feature.
Long Distance Call Code
Dial your 4 digit code before dialing long distance

Requires a 4 digit code to place long distance calls. This feature is useful on public phones or if you do not allow your employees to place long distance calls.
Per-Call Privacy
*67 to Activate

After activating this feature, the next call you place shows up as "PRIVATE" or "UNKNOWN" on the caller ID of the recipient of your call.
Call Block/Selective Call Rejection
*60 to Activate
*80 to Deactivate

Blocks delivery of calls from up to 6 numbers. Dial *60 then follow the voice prompts to use this feature.
Preferred Call Forwarding
*63 to Activate
*83 to Activate

By establishing a list, this feature allows you to forward your most important calls to another number. Dial *63 and follow the voice prompts to use this feature.
Repeat Dialing
*66 to Activate
*86 to Deactivate

Automatically redials a busy number for up to 30 minutes. If the number you are calling is busy you can have the phone automatically redial for you.

After you hang up the line, pick up the phone again and dial *66 to activate this feature. Your phone will continue to redial the number for 30 minutes or a person on the other end of the line answers the call.

Once Repeat Dialing is activated, you can hang up your phone and it will ring to notify you when the person you are calling is no longer busy and their line is ringing.
Speed Calling 8
*74 to Activate

Speed Calling 8 allows you to establish a list of eight numbers of your choice. These numbers can be dialed with a one digit shortcut stored as 2 through 9.

To store a number, pick up the phone and when you hear a dial tone dial *74. Then enter the shortcut followed by the phone number to be stored.

You want to store (985) 555-5555 to shortcut 7. First pick up the phone. When you get a dialtone press *74. You should continue to hear a dialtone. Next, enter the shortcut code you want to use (7) followed by the number you want it to dial (985 555 5555). You will then hear a stutter tone that confirms the system has saved your entry.

To dial a number, pick up the phone and when you get a dialtone enter the shortcut followed by "#". This will dial the number stored for that shortcut.

7# to dial (985) 555-5555.
Speed Calling 30
*75 to Activate

This feature is similar to Speed Calling 8 but allows you to store a list of 30 shortcuts. The shortcuts are stored as 20 through 49.
Three-Way Calling/Call Transfer
"Flash" to Activate

Allows you to set up a 3-way conversation that includes your phone and 2 other numbers.

To initiate Three-Way Calling or Call Transfer, call the second pary and while on the call, press "Flash," dial the third party number.

At this point, you can decide to transfer the call or conduct a three way call. If you have Call Transfer hang up to transfer the call.

Otherwise stay on the line and when the third party answers, press "Flash" again to reconnect the second party and create a three-way conference call.

Please note that if you have Three-Way Calling you may not have Call Transfer.
Voice Mail
For a more detailed explanation of Voice Mail, please go here.

Your Voicemail Access Number (VAN) has the same area code as the phone number you are checking Voice Mail for.
Dial 962-6245 (if your area code is 504), then dial your 10 digit phone number when prompted.

Dial 655-6245 (if your area code is 985), then dial your 10 digit phone number when prompted.

More VANs will be posted as soon as we officially start service in other areas.
Or, if you are checking your Voice Mail for the phone you are on, simply call yourself.

Listen and Follow the voice prompts

When logging into Voice Mail for the first time, your temporary password will be 1234. We recommend you change this immediately since anyone can access your voicemail given the right circumstances.

Useful Key Presses:

1 - Review Messages
4 - Change Personal Options
7 - Erase (Message)
* - Cancel/Exit
# - Finish/Skip
0 - Help Menu