Our Staff

The Telecommunications industry relies on highly technical, well educated workers to fill a large percentage of the jobs needed to deploy services. The integration of voice and data services in the industry has required voice technicians to develop new skills involving IP networking protocols. Traditional telephone companies have been slow to deploy data technicians and/or unable to retrain their older, unionized workforce.

Smaller, more efficient data service companies, like AccessCom, have been able to master the simpler voice requirements of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and add this knowledge to their already well developed data networking skill sets.

Shing Wong, CTO

Shing Wong is the Company's Chief Technology Officer and the region's leading networking expert. One of the pioneers in the development of the personal computer, Shing has over 30 years of experience in the IT field. As a young student in Hong Kong, Shing was introduced to version 1.0 of UNIX, AT&T's operating system for the Class 5ESS switch, which runs the Public Telephone Switching Network (PTSN.)

Shing continued his education in UNIX when he arrived in the United States in the early '80s and uses the operating system proficiently. UNIX has been through more than 15 major iterations, the most recent being the LINUX derivative and the many incarnations from which it is based. Shing Wong's skill level elevates him to the ranks of "mission specialist" in any evaluation of the Company's deployment plans. Shing will oversee each aspect of the network's expansion while continuing the development of AccessCom's FASTPATH UX APPs.

Jeff Giles, CEO

Gordon "Jeff" Giles serves as the CEO and is a corporate founder of the Company. He is responsible for the general administration and is chief negotiator for all major capital expansion projects and financial deals. However, the primary objective of the Company is to sell circuits! Four of the Company's employees perform sales duties at various levels of commitment. Jeff, as the lead salesman, oversees their efforts while developing AccessCom's Sales Channel of independent data consultants.

Steve Hastings, VP of Field Operations

One of the founders of the Company, serves as the head field supervisor and oversees the entire deployment of customer circuits. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry as a programmer and problem solver. He has been involved with the Internet since 1995 and performed network administration for Internet8™, the retail Internet access arm of the Company. Steve continues to add to his impressive skill set daily.

Don Guidry, Facilities Manager

AccessCom utilizes the management and leadership skills of Don Guidry, a former BellSouth 5ESS technician and AccessCom's Facilities Manager. Don is responsible for the New Orleans NOC and 2nd Switch & Data Center and is assisted by Mike Dutrey, former Bell South 5ESS tech and translations expert, in handling the day to day management of the NOC.

Peter Nguyen, Installations Manager

The installation of circuits, equipment and UX-APPS at the customer premises is managed by Peter Nguyen. He supervises Chris Richard and Kraig Thibodaux, a capable tandem of installers. They service the Bayou Region primarily.. All told, Wong, Hastings, Nguyen and Richard serve as a first class knowledge base to assist the installers in setting up AccessCom's MPLS network and UX-APPs toolsets.

Mark Todd, Controller

Mark was involved with the company in the early days, but remained on the sidelines until mid-2012. With a BS in Accounting, a CPA (Inactive) certificate, and many years of experience in accounting as well as IT and database development, Mark came on board to manage the books, solve some complex financial issues, and bring AccessCom's billing in-house.

Carmen Wright, Director of Administration

Carmen Wright, with a B.A. in Psychology, serves as the office manager and utilizes excellent people skills to communicate with customers and maintains customer records to interface with our billing agency, Southwest Computer Bureau Inc. (SCBI) in Gonzales. Alys Folse provides first level customer support. Josh Gourgues serves as our Bell Provisioning Agent and interfaces with customers regarding their account registration and new services. Most telephone customers need customer support for billing issues when they first come on board and Carmen provides that point of contact.


The Company seeks to provide an excellent customer support experience. Since the major issues in support are technical in nature, the service department mentioned above is responsible for solving 75% of the customer support issues, but billing issues make up a good portion of any telecommunications customer relations effort and AccessCom employs several individuals to meet these demands.

Help Wanted

AccessCom would like to continue its "attention to detail" customer support by insuring that as customer counts grow, an adequate level of qualified and dedicated personnel are present to handle every customer. The Company is projecting an increase in almost double the number of full time employees in the next twelve months. Ultimately, AccessCom would expect to hire one employee for every additional 300 business customers added.

Positions available (more details about responsibilities coming soon):

  • A service technician for field work
  • A data management technician for network monitoring and
  • A customer service agent.

Please submit resumes in person or postal mail to our Customer Service Center.