Switch & Data Center #2


In August of 2006, AccessCom acquired a significant amount (estimated $2 million) of telco edge equipment from EATEL, a regional CLEC that decided to withdraw from South Louisiana competition after Hurricane Katrina. As part of the withdrawal EATEL removed an installed base of over 20 Bell Collocations throughout the spring of '06. In July of 2007, AccessCom completed the acquisition of what remained of the EATEL's CLEC assets by purchasing EATEL's Switch & Data Center at 1010 Common (built by Actel in 2000.)

Besides the Lucent Technologies 5ESS switch and associated Alcatel GR303 aggregation equipment, there is a considerable backup power plant utilizing a 750KW Caterpillar generator and 1200A transfer switch. Also part of the transaction were six fiber optic strands on the Southern Light & Fiber New Orleans Ring which is being utilized to help reduce the cost of connecting the AccessCom facilities to each other and to AT&T's primary collocation facility at 820 Poydras St.

Racks of Equipment

Switch room at 1010 Common St. Click the photo to enlarge.


Under Construction


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