FASTPATH Technology

Line of Business: FastPath Technology

FastPath is the Intellectual Property arm of AccessCom. All research and development in the telecom space and any software produced by AccessCom is produced through FastPath.

AccessCom continues to develop the uxTOOLS product line and has currently launched four products out of an eight product series which has been in development since 2004. These include: uxFAX, an Internet fax utility which allows a customer to receive faxes using a local line, provided by AccessCom, which are then e-mailed as a PDF attachment to their inbox on their desktop or Blackberry; uxPBX, a state-of-the-art hosted PBX product that replaces office telephone systems; uxVAULT, an enterprise grade backup utility that stores critical customer data off premises on AccessCom's data storage array; and uxBRIDGE, an ultra-low cost conference bridge.

AccessCom continues the development of uxMONITOR, a network monitoring facility that enables the oversight of network assets down to the IP (computer level) by monitoring: temperature, hard disk activity, CPU utilization, bandwidth consumption and a host of other processes; uxEYE, a video streaming utility that enables enterprise-wide video surveillance utilizing wired and wireless devices, motion detection and backup resources; uxTEAM, a content based information center that tracks business relationships, actions, developments and personnel, functioning as a portal to increase efficiency and follow-through by the work-force; and uxKNOW, a knowledge based engine that helps a company store and distribute product/service knowledge to a group of users with security levels activated to allow selective users access to various levels of the company's "brain"!