About Us

Who We Are

AccessCom, Inc. is a telecommunications service provider offering small to medium size businesses voice and data services of the highest quality. The Company has built a reputation for exemplary service and continues to provide state-of-the-art technology at prices ten to fifty percent below the competition.

AccessCom is a facilities based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) with Switch & Data Centers in New Orleans, Louisiana and collocations (COLOs) in several AT&T Wire Centers throughout South Louisiana. These facilities allow AccessCom to compete aggressively with AT&T as well as all other CLECs.  The edge facilities (COLOs), located in AT&T wire centers, enable the deployment of state-of-the-art “last mile” solutions to AccessCom customers.

AccessCom has been providing data services to customers in the New Orleans and Bayou Region markets since 1995 and began providing voice services in 2002. The areas that are currently being served are New Orleans, the Northshore, the Bayou Region, West Acadiana and Baton Rouge. The Company has over 200 business voice & data customers and approximately 650 residential customers.

AccessCom’s Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) network is one of only a few networks in the nation delivering MPLS services from the core to the edge and on to each customer premises. The Company is deploying the latest Ethernet over Copper technologies and will convert its existing AT&T supplied backbone services to Southern Light & Fiber, an independent Fiber Transport Company. This conversion will enable the deployment of a secure SONET ring connecting all AccessCom facilities as well as provide for a second GigE (gigabit ethernet) Ring which will enable maximum MPLS implementation as well as provide for the provisioning of Video over Internet (IPTV).

Products and Services

AccessCom’s services include 3 lines of business (LOB) which The Company tags as: Connectivity, Internet & Switch Facilities and FASTPATH Technology.

The Connectivity LOB is the largest, most diversified source of revenue which continues to expand as the local company grows its footprint and market across South Louisiana. Connectivity includes voice, broadband, long distance and video services to both business and residential customers.

The Internet & Switch Facilities LOB is a highly specialized service for large users of Internet broadband data that need access to state-of-the-art power facilities and multiple Tier I Internet carriers. The Switch Facilities users need access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for large scale termination and origination of voice calls.

The FASTPATH Technology LOB is producing valuable telephony and IT toolsets that are increasing profitability from each customer while providing a future potential marketplace that is nationwide, if not worldwide.  The FASTPATH tools, known as UX-APPS, can increase the customer’s productivity while helping them to cut costs.  These applications are hosted on AccessCom’s UX servers which run the Linux open source operating system.


In the past 5 years, AccessCom has collocated (COLO’d) in 6 wire centers across South Louisiana deploying aggregated voice and data services over TDM (T1) that primarily serve the 985 and 504 area codes, also known as Local Access Transport Area (LATA).  An industry standard for over 20 years, this T1 technology allowed the Company to develop a reputation as a reliable provider. In addition, AccessCom’s high speed network performed exceptionally well during that period with a 99.999% reliability factor.  AccessCom’s MPLS Network continues to be the region’s highest quality network.  AccessCom’s low-cost voice services have continued to provide a source of savings for businesses that need to trim cost.  Smaller businesses utilize these savings to purchase AccessCom’s high speed network.


AccessCom produces an aggregated voice and data solution similar to competitors Nuvox, Cavalier, Xpedius, xfone, ITC DeltaCom and others. Although the AccessCom network is superior to these competitors, the basic concept and pricing (8 phone lines plus T1 data) approaches an industry standard and all of the competitors beat AT&T by about 20%. AccessCom edges out the others with 5% to 10% additional savings, generally beating AT&T by 30%.  Because the Company is locally owned and operated, it allows quick response time to customer problems and a more proficient network administration and trouble shooting staff.  Greater savings, better technology and faster, friendlier local support define the primary marketing advantage of AccessCom over other competitors.


AccessCom recently began the expansion into the 337 (Lafayette) and 225 (Baton Rouge) LATAs.  The acquisition of the EATEL Switch has allowed AccessCom to begin serving multiple LATAs.  Once the deployment of the Southern Light & Fiber backbone and the Zhone MALC Broadband Loop termination platform is complete, AccessCom will be able to sell a wide array of voice and data services that are not available from other competitors.  This competitive advantage will enable the Company to exceed all known metrics for Wide Area Network (WAN) performance for large businesses and at the same time, reduce the threshold for small businesses to obtain high bandwidth and state-of-the-art telephony solutions.

In addition to improving AccessCom’s reach and product variety to small businesses, the Zhone MALC will enable high bandwidth connectivity to the residential market.  Bandwidth delivery to the residence can reach levels as high as 20 Megabits over a single pair of copper wires and will accommodate 1-3 channels of HD video.  This 6-20 Megabits transport vehicle, in conjunction with AccessCom’s 675 Megabits GigE fiber optic ring will allow the Company to begin the deployment of IPTV.

The Company continues to develop the UX-APPS product line and has currently launched four products out of an eight product batch which has been in development since 2004.  These include: UX-FAX, an Internet fax utility which allows a customer to receive faxes using a local line, provided by AccessCom, which are then e-mailed as a PDF  attachment to their inbox on their desktop or Blackberry; UX-PBX, a state-of-the-art hosted pbx product that replaces office telephone systems; UX-VAULT, an enterprise grade backup utility that stores critical customer data off premises on AccessCom’s data storage array; and UX-BRIDGE, an ultra-low cost conference bridge.

AccessCom continues the development of UX-MONITOR, a network monitoring facility that enables the oversight of network assets down to the IP (computer level) by monitoring: temperature, hard disk activity, CPU utilization, bandwidth consumption and a host of other processes; UX-EYE, a video streaming utility that enables enterprise-wide video surveillance utilizing wired and wireless devices, motion detection and backup resources; UX-TEAM, a content based information center that tracks business relationships, actions, developments and personnel, functioning as a portal to increase efficiency and follow-through by the work-force; and UX-KNOW, a knowledge based engine that helps a company store and distribute product/service knowledge to a group of users with security levels activated to allow selective users access to various levels of the company’s “brain”!